Rosetta Stone

‘More Than Words’ Video & Influencer strategy

Background & Strategy

After measuring the success of the first series against the KPIs, we changed our overall content strategy, leading to an increase of 126% of downloads for Rosetta Stone audio podcasts, and over 300% increase in downloads in the same time period vs the first series.

While the first series focused on recruiting a wide, general audience by discussing language and culture, our second series targeted those who already have an active interest in language learning. The content was more niche and focused, giving a deeper dive into improving language learning skills.

We based our episodes on the most frequently asked language learning questions and areas where people struggle, sourcing our host and guests based on their expertise and highly indexed social following combined, in order to optimise our promotion strategy.

The addition of a video format maximised exposure, as we identified YouTube as a channel where language learning content is particularly active, encouraging language learners to tune in while trying to study.