‘Digest & Invest’ – Strategic Consultancy

Background & Objectives

4DC reached out to eToro after listening to their podcast series Digest & Invest. While the podcast content itself was very good, we identified elements of the distribution and promotional strategy that could be improved, so we got in touch to see how they were doing in terms of downloads and consumption.

eToro then appointed 4DC to define the key objectives for the series and to devise a strategy to increase downloads and traffic to the podcast series. 4DC presented and provided a document containing best practise advice on how to promote the series organically, alongside a paid media strategy, as well as creating the promotional assets needed to increase engagement.

We also provided tips on how to increase engagement through the content and have continued to advise on asset creation as eToro implement the changes.

‘We have worked with 4DC over the last year and it has been such a great help. The process has been seamless and whenever we need a question answered, their responses are always quick and helpful. Their expertise and knowledge is clear to see and we have benefited from implementing the changes they have suggested. As a relatively new podcast back in 2021 it was imperative we got the right guidance going forward and I am super happy with the results so far.’ Sam North, eToro Trading School Lead and Podcast Host.