You’re On Mute – End-to-end podcast creation

Background & Objectives

BBI is the UK’s first Black Business Institute, an organisation which aims to boost prospects for underprivileged Black entrepreneurs, by promoting equivalent access to the UK’s funding structures and essential business networks.

In order to do this they seek sponsorship and partnerships with some of the largest institutions and businesses in the UK, from the Crown Estate to Vodafone UK, and the podcast series has been a driving force in securing many of these partnerships.

Our task was to help BBI craft the narrative & structure so that BBI’s Tone Of Voice and aims translated to the audience. We also provided the promotional strategy and created promotional assets to raise awareness of the podcast amongst other business leaders, whilst also inspiring young entrepreneurs and change-makers.


Podcast Marketing Strategy

With the highly indexed target audience of Business Decision Makers and C-Suite execs our focus was targeting the media they consume. We advertised in the Financial Times print edition which has a monthly readership of 550,000 in the UK, of which 32% are C-Suite and 62% are business decision makers. We also created audiograms for our hosts & business-focussed guests to share on their LinkedIn channels, as well as their companies, such as Vinod Kumar, CEO of Vodafone business.

For guests that appeal to a wider audience, trying to capture aspiring young black entrepreneurs, such as Patrick Hutchinson, June Sarpong and Bianca Miller-Cole, we created assets they could share on their IG Stories and link people straight to the podcast episode.